PlusPoints - 30'000 Downloads

Our application “Grade Calculator - PlusPoints” reached 30’000 downloads. I’m really proud! But I have another really impressive number to present: 1’000’000 Sessions! Our app has been used over 1 million times. To be exact, at the time of writing it has been used 1’088’734 times.

A brief history

On January the 1th 2010 an app called “PlusPointsPro” launched on the appstore. It was the first application by FidelisFactory that wasn’t available for free. We hoped, it would give us a small amount of money for all the expenses we had by the time. But that was just a dream. During the time it was available, we earned only 50$.

We realized that students just don’t have money and don’t want to spend money on an application to track their grades. So we decided to give the application away for free.

When the app became available for free, as you can imagine, we got more downloads. All students with iPhones and iPods at my school used it by the time and we received a lot of feedback.

We added features like templates, import/export and “Pluspunkte” (A special system to count the grades). On May 25th the application received it’s last update to version 1.6.0.

Students as customers

As I mentioned before, students are not the best customers if you want money for your application. But there are some other interesting phenomena you can see in the usage and downloads data. Take a look at the statistics of the downloads and sessions between the 1st September 2013 and the 1st February 2014.





You can see that Students don’t (like to) work on weekends and holidays. Both, the downloads and sessions, collapse during the weekends and holidays.

Another thing you may have noticed immediately is the period during december and january 2014. You can clearly see the christmas holidays. I thought that there’s an impact on the usage of PlusPoints. But when I saw these statistics, I was surprised that the effect was visible like this.

And there will be Version 2.0.0

As you probably already know, we are working on Version 2.0.0 of PlusPoints. There’s still much work to do, but as we can see by now, it will be worth all the effort we put into it.

If you wonder where we get all the data about the usage of our apps from, have a look at Flurry and AppAnnie. Both services are awesome if you want to know whats going on with your apps.